“The System” Wasn’t The Only One to Fail Maleah Davis

Ever since I came across the Maleah Davis case a little over a week ago I knew something was not right. If you aren’t familiar with the case, 4 year old Maleah Davis was reported missing by her mother’s fiancé, who  the news has been referring to as Maleah’s stepfather. The “stepfather” claimed that he pulled over on the way to the airport to investigate what he thought was a flat tire when he, Maleah, and his one year old son were abducted by 3 men. According to the news he claims he was in and out of consciousness for a period of almost 24 hours when he woke up on the side of the highway with his son, but without his stepdaughter.

Right away I called BS. There’s just no way. I don’t have any type of degree in law or any professional police training and I knew this crap just did not sound right. Fast forward to the end of the week after multiple revelations of past cps cases, the “missing” car being found and Maleah’s medical history when we finally hear something that makes sense from Maleah’s mother. She suspects her now “ex” had something to do with Maleah’s disappearance.

One thing that I have seen consistent throughout the conversations I’ve seen taking place on social media is people are upset because they feel as though the system, as it has with so many other children failed Maleah Davis. And while that may in fact be true, as I watched Brittany Bowens (mom) weep on the news I had a hard time feeling sympathy for her.

The system may have had a part in failing Maleah but her mother played just as big (if not bigger) of a role in failing her.

Brittany Bowens and her boyfriend reportedly had a complicated relationship. Their last in person communication, Brittany broke off their engagement, yet still she left Maleah with him attend her father’s funeral. There were MULTIPLE RED FLAGS throughout the course of their relationship yet and still Brittany entrusted him to care for HER child.

All the Times Brittany Bowens Failed to Protect Maleah Davis

  • Brittany accused her boyfriend of beating Maleah while she was sick.
  • Maleah suffered a head injury that resulted in needing multiple brain surgeries. The same injury also caused CPS to remove her and her brother from the home.
  • Brittany noticed scars on Maleah’s thighs, and suspected her boyfriend of sexual abuse.

Yet and still none of these things seemed urgent enough for Brittany to leave. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back? Brittany discovered her fiancé sending nude photos of himself to another man. THIS is what caused her to call of their engagement. Up until then,  Brittany was apparently so afraid of her boyfriend that she failed to report all the suspected abuse.

I’m sorry but you’ve got to be kidding me right? Madam was SO afraid of her boyfriend that she didn’t report multiple instances of her child being abused. But he sends his nasty nudes once and suddenly fear is out of the picture? EFF THAT.

Brittany had a responsibility. From the moment she gave birth to that baby girl she was supposed to be her safe haven. Children do not ask to come into this world and it’s our job as adults to do right by them. And as I watch and rewatch Brittany weeping on the news, or see her grief stricken photos, I’m trying to dig deep. But it’s extremely hard for me to feel sympathy for her. Maleah Davis’ mother failed her more than anyone. That’s honestly the clearest part of this case.


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