Will Smith Performs Prince Ali + Aladdin Printables

We are a week and a half away from Aladdin being released in theaters everywhere and literally every clip that I have seen has no disappointed. I keep telling y’all I had faith in Aladdin since the first trailer. And I’ve held on to that optimism since. With every trailer that followed that, the visuals have continued to stun and the characters I’ve loved since I was a little girl have literally come to life. There have been some doubts about Will Smith playing the role of genie, but I’m excited to see him take on this role. If anyone can do justice to the role played by the late Robin Williams, it’s him.

So as you can imagine I was super excited to see this new clip of Will Smith performing Prince Ali.

Again, the visuals in the scene are amazing. I can’t even begin to imagine the work it took to have all these people come together. And while Smith isn’t exactly singing (but lets be honest, Robin Williams was either) he definitely adds some Fresh Prince flair to the moment. If you’re a 90s baby and this doesn’t excite you then please don’t sit near me in the theater!

Disney’s Live Action Aladdin Family Activity Packet

Coloring is life in the preschool mom world. I know I share alot of these Disney activity packets but I honestly use them as a way to help get my kids even more excited for these movie releases. This activity packet not only includes coloring pages, but spot the difference, mazes, bookmarks and more! If you’re looking for activities inspired by Aladdin and Prince Ali then its in this book! Download and print out this activity packet for some family fun.

Download The Full Family Activity Packet

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