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With the announcement of their new Egypt itinerary, everybody wants to know the buzz on Adventures by Disney. If you don’t know, Adventures by Disney offers all inclusive trips to a ton of destinations around the world. You get VIP guided tours, exclusive behind the scenes looks and a culturally immersive experience. And of course on your trip you get to experience a little bit of Disney Magic! Adventures by Disney itineraries are a great way to travel. They’re hassle free and you get a VIP experience that only Disney can provide. But you may be surprised to find out, not all trips are available for our littlest littles. In fact the youngest recommended age for their itineraries are 4. I’m going to share with you all the Adventures by Disney trips that are preschool friendly.

*Note: While the minimum age for the below listed itineraries is 4, most trips have an older suggested age. I recommend taking an extensive look at the full itinerary and using your discretion. You know your child the best ;). Also, all itinerary descriptions provided by Adventures by Disney.

Itineraries in Asia, Africa & Australia

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  • Australia (11 days/10 nights) – Head “down under” to this island country where you’ll explore tropical rainforests, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, relax on white-sand beaches and hike around the base of Ayers Rock—a sacred Aboriginal site—on the Adventures by Disney Australia vacation.
  • Japan (11 days/10 night) – Discover Japan, the island nation that embodies its ancient culture while embracing the modern world. From an isolated mountain village to Tokyo, the capital city where sacred shrines stand in the shadow of skyscrapers, you’ll become immersed in the people and customs of this proud country on an amazing Adventures by Disney family vacation.

Itineraries in Central & South America

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  • Costa Rica (7 days/6 nights) – Unveil the mysteries of nature at its most beautiful as you explore the verdant rainforest, breathtaking coastline, rugged mountains and exotic wildlife of this Central American paradise on the Adventures by Disney Costa Rica family vacation.
  • Peru (8 days/7 nights)Explore the ruins of the ancient Inca civilization to get a firsthand glimpse of their art, celebrations and traditions. See the glorious Machu Picchu, and be surrounded by natural beauty throughout a vibrant, festive Peru vacation.

Itineraries in Europe

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  • Austria and Czech Republic (9 days/8 nights)Immerse your family in the sights and sounds of scenic Central Europe. Enjoy the streets and waterways of Prague while discovering the sound of music in Austria and more. Explore medieval castles and storybook villages—all with the majestic Alps as a backdrop!
  • England and France (8 days/7 nights) – Immerse yourself in history! Travel down the paths of royalty and visit the sites where famous and infamous historical moments occurred. Tour London’s stunning castles and be treated to a private viewing of the Royal Crown Jewels. Then, cross the Channel to France and relish the art, culture and cuisine of the City of Lights—Paris!
  • Greece (10 days/9 nights) Journey into the cradle of Western civilization for an odyssey through some of the most historic sites in the world on the Adventures by Disney Greece vacation. From the Parthenon, sitting atop the Acropolis overlooking Athens to quaint town of Santorini with its whitewashed houses nestled in the rocky cliffs, you’ll bask in the timeless beauty of this ancient land.
  • Ireland (8 day/7 nights) – Roam the hills and dales of the emerald green countryside, explore ancient castles, admire Dublin’s modern skyline and so much more—your Adventures by Disney Ireland vacation is filled with amazing experiences, traditional music, local folklore and, of course, the luck of the Irish!
  • Italy (8 days/ 7 nights) – Embrace a simpler way of life as you travel through this Old World country steeped in rich traditions and glorious history on the unforgettable Adventures by Disney Italy vacation. Be immersed in the timelessness of a remarkable culture—and be astonished by the warmth of its people.
  • Italy and Almafi Coast (8days/7nights) – Discover Old World splendor on the Adventures by Disney Italy and Amalfi Coast vacation as you explore the natural beauty and culture of Italy from Sorrento to Florence and throughout Tuscany. Visit historic locales, see art and architecture created by Renaissance masters and experience a way of life unchanged through the centuries.
  • Italy and Switzerland (8 days/7 nights) – Admire the majesty of Northern Italy and Switzerland as you travel through Alpine passes, cruise across Lake Como and stand in awe of the Matterhorn. Whether you’re zip lining, cooking pasta or riding a train up a mountain slope, you’ll enjoy being immersed in the unsurpassed beauty of the region’s people, culture and scenery.
  • Scotland (8 days/7 nights) – Be awed by lush countrysides, ancient stone castles and beautiful lochs that decorate the Scottish landscapes. Follow the history of royalty and clans—and keep your eyes open for a mythical sea creature as you explore this amazing country on your Adventures by Disney Scotland vacation.

Itineraries in North America

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  • Alaska (8 days/7 nights) – Discover the unparalleled splendor of “The Last Frontier” on this Adventures by Disney Alaska vacation where you’ll visit Denali National Park, pan for gold and meet some real Iditarod sled dogs. You’ll also create a lifetime of family memories as you hike, bike and kayak through some of the most stunning terrain in North America.
  • Canadian Rockies (7 days/6 nights) – Roam the Rockies on this Canadian adventure where you’ll explore glacial cliffs, gleaming lakes and churning rapids as you journey deep into this breathtaking area, teeming with nature’s rugged beauty and majesty.
  • Disneyland Resort and Southern California – Experience the excitement of Hollywood on this Adventures by Disney Disneyland Resort and Southern California family vacation that includes private behind-the-magic visits to the Walt Disney Studios and The Jim Henson Company Lot. Plus, enjoy several fun-filled days and nights in the middle of the magic at the theme parks of the Disneyland Resort!
  • Arizona and Utah (8 days/7 nights) – Feel the spirit of the Old West as you hike along endless trails, take in the vistas of Grand Canyon National Park and raft on the Colorado River. You’ll also check out the famous red rock canyons of Moab, Utah and the iconic landforms at Arches National Park on this spectacular trip through the scenic splendor of Arizona and Utah.
  • Philadelphia and Washington D.C. (7 days/6 nights) – Discover historic landmarks and locations that helped forge America as you explore these magnificent cities. From Independence Hall to the battlefield at Gettysburg to the U.S. Capitol, you’ll walk in the footsteps of the men and women who fought for and shaped our nation on this fascinating adventure through history.
  • Wyoming (7 days/6 nights) – Feel your spirits soar as you head into the Great Outdoors on the Adventures by Disney Wyoming family vacation. Bask in the rugged beauty of the West while you horseback ride, raft and hike through Yellowstone National Park and other spectacular sites on your amazing adventure.


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Adventures by Disney offers several cruise options in Europe and North America. With the exception of their 7 days Easter & Western Caribbean cruises, all cruises have a minimum age of 4. To learn more about Adventures by Disney cruise itineraries, visit their site here and select cruise packages as your trip type.


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Escapes are 2-5 day itineraries, some of which can be added before or after your cruise if you’re taking a Disney Cruise. I did notice that all of Adventure by Disney’s escape itineraries have a minimum age of 4.  The exception was the NYC itinerary with a minimum age of 5. You can plan your Adventures by Disney Escape here by selecting Escapes in the trip type tab.

River Cruises

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There are multiple river cruises throughout Europe listed on the Adventures by Disney site. The cruises range between 8 – 10 days and all cruises have a minimum age of 4. The only two exceptions to this are the Danube River Oktoberfest cruise, and the Rhine River Food and Wine cruise. Both of these itineraries understandably have a minimum age of 18. Head here to plan a river cruise.

So there we have it friend. Hopefully I save you the trouble of racking your brain and going through every single itinerary on the site. As a current mom of littles, I hope I provided a service that saved you a little bit of time. Adventures by Disney is taking over trip planning and if you’re like me, I know you don’t want your little ones to miss out. My recommendation? Start with the smaller trips (escapes) which are less days. Then you can work your way up to some of the longer ones. That way, you can see how your child does with such a scheduled day. And if you do plan to check out Adventures by Disney with your preschooler remember, give yourself grace. 4/5 year olds are still young and everything may not go as planned!

Are you a preschool mom planning on checking out Adventures by Disney? Have you gone on a trip with Adventures by Disney?


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