I Refuse to Accept Shuri’s Fate in These Newly Released Posters for Avengers Endgame

Marvel hit us right in the feels the other day when they released a TON of new posters for Avengers Endgame. We waited all this time to learn more about the movie and now they’ve honestly given me more than I am able to handle. When the posters first dropped I was SO hype. I love character posters (that’s why I share them so often). They give you an opportunity to see a little bit of the characters personality before the movie is released.

I had a couple of emotions when I say this first set of posters. The first poster I fell in love with of course was Okoye’s. I had my little “YASSSSS QUEEN!!! Avenge the fallen!” reaction. Second, I was hype to see Valkyrie’s poster. I’m glad she survived Thanos’ snap and wasn’t decimated with half of the universe. And lastly, I was happy to see Captain Marvel. She was so amazing in her movie, and everyone knows she shows up in Avengers Endgame to give Thanks the business. I can’t wait to see the two of them come face to face.

But the posters didn’t stop there. And it was time for a seconds set of feels to kick in. While we were all getting hype about getting a glimpse of our Avengers, Marvel released a second set of posters to remind us who they were actually avenging.

The second set of posters, released in black and white are to remind us of the fallen.

I wasn’t ready for the emotions when I saw these posters. I literally wanted to cry when I went through them all and remembered some of their last moments. Gamora when she realizes Thanos is going to sacrifice her for the soul stone, Groot’s last moment with Rocket, and Spiderman. Am I the only one that wants to cry every single time they watch the movie and it comes to Spiderman’s dusting? Why did they make his part so long and emotional?! ALL THE FEELINGS!

But like everyone else, one poster especially stood out to me. Shuri is among the black and white posters.

I refuse to accept that Shuri didn’t survive the snap.

Ummmm, why? Now I know in the Endgame trailer, Shuri is shown as missing. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t alive! After all, Shuri is supposed to be the next ruler of Wakanda. Who is going to lead the people! And we already know that Black Panther 2 is a go, so how could this be the end of her? Also, every other person pictured in these posters we visibly saw their demise. Whether they were dusted or Thanos took them out some other way, we witnessed it all. We didn’t see that for Shuri! I refuse to accept that this is the end of Shuri! What are you guys thinking?

Watch the trailer for Avengers Endgame:

Avenge the Fallen. AVENGERS: ENDGAME releases in U.S. theaters on April 26, 2019.

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