3 Major Lessons I Learned During the Year of January

You probably read the title and was like girl, what?! Listen, I’ve learned from the internet it’s not just me. January literally feels like the longest month ever. We wait all this time for the new year to roll around and then the first month of the new year feels like a whole year in itself. Despite all of that, January was good to me. All 82508432 days of it. I learned some important things and I got some really great takeaways. As someone with few resolutions, self improvement is really the most important aspect of growth for me and I’m happy the first year of 2019 showed up.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

Seriously, I spend a lot of time wanting to grow as a person and as a brand but even more time worrying about being perfect. Showing up for people in a way that I think they’d want to see me. I had an idea in my head that my life, the entire thing that my brand is centered around was not “enough”. That’s the toxicity of social media and the internet. I’m realizing now more than ever that if people want to connect with you, they want to know YOU. Not the you that you think you should be for them.

It starts with you.

This was something that Brandi mentioned during the More Retreat but it is still ringing in my ears. You can have 100 people telling you over and over how good you are at something. How much they see you, what you should or shouldn’t be doing to be successful. None of that matters if you don’t see any of it in yourself. I’ve done a lot of “soul searching” and it feels good to finally be seeing in myself what others have BEEN telling me they saw. (P.S. there’s nothing wrong with talking about these issues you may have with a professional. Therapy is amazing!)

Lastly, it’s ok to be uncomfortable.

I stepped out of my comfort zone A LOT in just the 33 days of 2019. I attended my first business mastermind (It’s a mastermind Brandi!), which was big for me as an introvert. I’ve been “hiding” behind my words for YEARS and it felt good to be in a safe space with so many women that inspire me! I’ve also stepped my video game up! Video was something that I’ve always enjoyed but I never believed in myself enough to do. The idea of needing to be perfect, and my life being too boring and excuse after excuse made me stop. January really made me step out of my comfort zone, and in getting more comfortable with myself, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the camera.

We made it through January y’all. Chapter 1 of 12 in the book of 2019. It’s been pretty eye opening for me so far. How was your January?

Following me on IG? I shared my feelings via video over there. Check out my video below. And make sure you follow me! I’m going to be uploading a video to IGTV everyday this month!

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