15 (No Candy) Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

It was JUST Christmas and now here we are, planning the next holiday. I love giving gifts, and I love the excitement of any holiday. Call me a sucker but I’ll celebrate ALL the days in the name of making my children smile.

What we NOT finna do though is have tons of candy in my house. It’s a fight to get RJ to brush his teeth regularly. So any holiday that involves candy (and of course he only likes the chewy sticky kind) we have to find alternatives. Not to mention they have enough energy on their own, they don’t need the assistance of sugar. Since Easter is a little over a month away, I wanted to share some ideas with you for things you can fill your little boys Easter basket with that won’t have them making more dentist visits than required.

15 (No Candy) Easter Basket Ideas for Little Boys

  1. Stickers – Because who doesn’t love stickers? We get sticker from all over, but Target dollar spot usually has some cute ones. You can also purchase cute stickers on Amazon, if you hate shopping like I do. Check out these cute reusable Easter themed stickers here.
  2. Blind Bags – Are your kids into YouTube (my boys are even though we’re on a YouTube break)?? RJ is definitely into the blind bag craze. I guess the idea of being surprised is exciting even to a 4 year old. Check out these cute LEGO, Toy Story, and Ryan ToysReview blind bags on Amazon.
  3. Coloring Books – Again, some of my favorite coloring books this time of year come from the Target dollar spot.
  4. Crayons – My kids eat, break, lose and throw out crayons on the regular. Nothing excites them more than seeing a new box of crayons or colored pencils. They suddenly want to draw all the things.
  5. Dinosaur toys – We are a dinosaur family. I’ve told you guys this repeatedly. Any chance that I can take to throw in a dinosaur somewhere, I’m taking it. I have some cute examples for dinosaur themed gifts here and here.
  6. Bubbles – Need I say more?
  7. Sidewalk Chalk – My kids still love playing outside and getting to draw on the sidewalk was one of my favorite things to do! Since the weather after Easter is getting warmer its the perfect time to break out the sidewalk chalk! Check out this awesome set, that comes with a plastic box so you have something to store the chalk in for the next use!
  8. Slime/Playdoh – Kids love it, parents hate it. You can find both of these anywhere so I won’t link anything. But as much as I hate to admit it, playdoh keeps my kids quiet.
  9. Treasure X – We first started playing with Treasure X during the holidays. They’re similar to blind bags, but take a little more work, make a little more mess but they’re a lot of fun. Treasure X can also be purchased on Amazon here.
  10. Character Toothbrushes – I mentioned my child hates brushes his teeth right? Character toothbrushes are a complete bribe, but one that works. You can purchase them at pretty much any local store/pharmacy.
  11. Hotwheels – My boys love hot wheels but you couldn’t pay me $500 to tell you what they do with them. Since they get lost so easily I usually reserve hot wheels for Easter baskets and Christmas stocking stuffers. They’r reasonably priced but I just know im going to discover the hot wheels graveyard in my house one day and then what am I going to do with 800849184 toy cars? Check out this cute Hot Wheels gift pack here.
  12. Character Cups with Silly Straws – not gonna lie easter is the only time I buy cups with silly straws. They get lost, broken or just not used. But they make for a cute filler for the basket and I can put other small toys inside (or maybe like… 4 jelly beans).
  13. A New DVD – Because my kids love watching things on repeat. The newest DVD they got and are loving is Ralph Breaks the Internet, but you can find any of your kids favorite movies (or check out the $5 dvd shelf at Target) to give them a special treat.
  14. Small Educational Toys – It’s an Easter basket so we try to keep the gifts small. Last year I put this LeapFrog Toy Cellphone in Zayn’s basket and he still loves it to this day. Learning toys are NEVER a bad option.
  15. Outdoor Toys – This could be anything, Frisbees, jumprope, yoyos (in our house thats an outdoor toy) or anything that gets them up, outside and moving. I love things that put my son in front of the screen less and outside more.

What are some things you put in your kids Easter baskets? Do you have any ideas that I didn’t list?

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