Totally Tots at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Children’s museums are one of our favorite indoor places to go. My kids, like all children are curious but I don’t think they’re ready for bigger museums just yet. We go to smaller, more interactive museums because they get a chance to see, touch and explore things more rather than a traditional museum where most exhibits are hands off. Living in Brooklyn, or favorite museum is close by. I took Zayn to the Brooklyn’s Children Museum a few weeks ago for the first time. We haven’t been able to go as frequently as I’d like to because of work and other scheduling so this was his first time at the museum and we only went to the toddler section. However he had a BLAST. I’m not sure if he even noticed that there was WAY MORE museum that he missed.

How much does the museum cost?

Admission to the museum is $11 per person. This rate applies to adults and children. Babies 12 months and under are free. Also, on Thursdays from 2pm-6pm and Sundays from 4pm-7pm admission to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is free for everyone.

So what is Totally Tots?

From their website: “This pint-sized paradise is designed for our youngest visitors, featuring nine different sensory play areas including water, sand, music, dress up, blocks, and more. Totally Tots is for children ages zero to 6.”

Like I said, Zayn completely loved Totally Tots. He had a blast in the sand area and of course the water play area (because you guys know my kids are water babies). The awesome part was we went early (10am) and it wasn’t crowded. Zayn he got to play with other kids his size in the Totally Tots area. This is a rarity for him because he doesn’t go to school and we don’t currently have him in any play groups. This experience was awesome for him and it wasn’t too overwhelming or overstimulating. Check out some of our day below.

What age is Totally Tots appropriate for?

According to their website, Totally Tots is appropriate for kids aged 0-6. I personally wouldn’t take my 6 year old into that area. And I’m solely basing that off the fact that there are ALOT of tiny people running around this portion of the museum. Also, the museum has a good portion of other interactive exhibits which I think children on the older end of that spectrum would enjoy. I think this is an awesome space for younger toddlers and babies. They have a complete closed off baby hub area for babies up to 18 months old. That section also comes in handy so that babies aren’t being trampled by older toddlers.

How long can you spend at Totally Tots?

I didn’t see anything while I was there about a time limit. I can easily see how parents and children can get “lost” in there and spend an entire morning/afternoon just in that section. My favorite part was the enormous reading nook. They had a surprisingly good (and diverse) section of books and Zayn is already drawn to characters with brown faces so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had some of those options available.

What’s the best time to visit Totally Tots?

In my experience with both children, the earlier you can get there the better. On weekdays it doesn’t get TOO crowded before school lets out (but keep in mind they do school trips to other parts of the museum). If you’re thinking in terms of avoiding the crowd, early is better. We usually go first thing in the morning and are out before or shortly after lunch time.

For any other information about the Brooklyn’s Children’s Museum, visit their website here.


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