Avengers Endgame: Special Look Trailer Thoughts

Guys!! It’s April and it’s officially what I’m calling Avengers Day! We are so much closer to the premiere of Avengers Endgame and my heart is POUNDING after watching the special look trailer today. I have so many emotions about what Marvel has given us so far (hello Shuri!) and I know they probably aren’t going to give us too much more. I’m going to be traveling and BUSY premiere weekend but I’m hoping I can sneak some time in to check it out before too many spoilers are all over the internet.

This trailer had me in my feelings.

From the moment between Rocket and Nebula, to realizing Tony makes it back to earth I was holding my breath almost the entire time. Infinity War took us on an emotional rollercoaster and it looks like Endgame is promising to do the same. I love the moment that Tony and Cap share when Tony asks if he trusts him. They’ve been in disagreement for so long it was a great moment to witness between them. Also, did you guys realize Tony made it back to Earth, obviously! He honestly had the best moments in the entire trailer. Between the one I just mentioned, seeing him reunited with Pepper or seeing him anguish over his guilt about Spiderman (tears) everything was emotional!

I was not ready to see Thanos.

Literally he appeared on the screen and my heart dropped. He decimated half the universe and now our heroes are going up against him again. WHY?!?! I am not ready! I can’t wait, but I can wait. Thor and Captain Marvel better give him a run for his money!

Tickets for Avengers Endgame are available now everywhere that tickets are sold. Have you bought yours yet?

Avenge the Fallen. AVENGERS: ENDGAME releases in U.S. theaters on April 26, 2019.

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