The One City I’m Looking Forward to in 2019 – #Aladdin

I’m a millennial. I have all the big wanderlust dreams and I’d love nothing more than to drop everything at a moments notice and take flight. I can’t wait to give my children the travel experiences I never had and show them the world in a whole new way. That being said, we thankfully have some travel plans this year.

In a little over a week I’ll be headed to the Courage to Earn More Retreat in the Bay Area! I’m hype about it for so many reasons, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts real soon. We also made some plans for both of the boys birthdays later this year. RJ is turning 5 and I can’t believe it! That’s a whole separate emotional, time is going by so fast icantbelievethisismylife post. Of all the plans I hope to see this year I’m personally biased. I definitely have somewhere I’m looking forward to visiting the most.

I have a personal attachment to Agrabah. You may or may not be judging me but listen, I could care less at this point. If you’ve been following me for a while (or even if you just started following me) then I’m sure you’ve heard me mention my love of Aladdin. I cannot wait to see Guy Ritchie bring the city of Agrabah to life. As a kid, in the animated version I have always been enamored with the magic of the city. Agrabah IS the city of mystery!

The fact that the setting of Agrabah was completely built in an unexpected location (southeast England) makes the set that much more exciting to me. I’m interested to see how the city has been updated and yearning for the nostalgic feeling of the 1992 version. I know that cultural sensitivities played a big part when remaking this film but I have faith that Disney got it right. The streets, the castle and even the cave of wonders are all on my bucket list for 2019! I can’t wait to check them off this spring!

Explore a whole new world when Aladdin premieres in theaters everywhere May 24th, 2019!

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