5 Ways to Stay Genuinely Happy When Everything Feels Negative

I’m not sure what it is but I feel like everywhere you turn on social media someone is posting or sharing something that just doesn’t vibrate on a high frequency. I feel like we all have that one Facebook friend that is the constant bearer of bad news. Or the person that comments on everything trying to negate someone else’s opinion. And if thats not the case the state of the country alone is enough to make you want to sleep until everyone gets it the hell together. I have had people comment on how positive I am and even ask what I’m “so happy” about all the time and honestly it’s been a big mental shift that I committed to working on myself. Staying genuinely happy is a decision. And it’s one that I decided to make for myself.

Purge your social media

Cleaning out my social media is frequently on my list of to-dos. Like I said above there is always someone, somewhere that is sharing things I just have no interest in coming into my space. I don’t want to be bombarded constantly with WorldStar reshares (does that still exist?) or gossip. They aren’t feeding into the energy I’m trying to maintain. I have enough anxiety on my own I don’t have time to constantly try to process something that is honestly not even effecting me personally. I frequently hit the hide/mute/unfriend button on my social. If it doesn’t align, I ain’t got time!

Go Outside

Have you ever seen that meme where the person finally looks up from their phone and they’re like “what kind of bird is this?” and it’s a butterfly? That’s real life. Going outside and being PRESENT with what is happening outside is so rare. I try to make sure I spend time outside, unplugged everyday. Being present in the moment and just thinking without the influence of social media helps me to clear the brain clutter. If I’m not worried about everyone else I have more time to focus on staying genuinely happy.

Use Apps

Listen, theres an app for everything. I wrote a whole post on apps you can use in case you can’t make it to therapy (for whatever reason). Happify really is one of my favorite apps to use. It helps reframe the way you think simple thoughts and helps you to remember to put the positive first. There are also gratitude apps, journals, and “therapy” like apps. Whatever will help you put you in the right headspace.

Exercise and eat better

Food affects your mood!! And it is a well known fact that exercise releases endorphins aka the happy hormone. If you’re body is feeling good, and you feel good physically it becomes way easier to feel good mentally. I am an emotional eater and I have to remind myself that every bad mood does not require Chipotle to DoorDash me.

Find your tribe

Surrounding yourself with like minded people is a whole mood. I am an extreme introvert so I value my alone time. But I completely recognize the value of having people around that have the same goals/desires/mentality that I do. Having someone to lift you up when you need a mood boost, or vice versa is helpful. Positive people attract positive mindsets and manifest more positivity.

Do you feel like you have trouble staying genuinely happy? What advice do you wish someone would’ve given to you?

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    ElyTV and nursery Rhymes
    April 22, 2019 at 10:52 am

    Great post. sometimes we get so caught up in life!

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