Motherhood.. & How I Learned to Keep My Foot Out of My Mouth

**I wrote this post back in February of 2016 sometime and just found it in my drafts yesterday. I don’t know why I never published it cause it was (and still is) a relevant lesson. So I’m sharing it today… RJ is almost 3 now lol** 

RJs 15 months old! He’s such a big boy. Everyday he learns something new and it’s truly truly amazing to watch him discover the world. Being a mommy is so amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for all the freedom in the world. 

That being said, my boyfriend kindly reminded me that… RJ is 15 months old. He was all “Hey babe, remember when u judged XYZ cause she said she breastfed for 18 months…… RJ isn’t that far from it”. {insert my blank face here}. My baby is still breastfed & I have no shame in my game. People tell me all the time “it’s time to stop” and I ignore them because I’m amazing at not giving a crap what other people think about what I do with MY son. But truthfully, I’m ready for it to be over. And my boyfriend was nice enough to remind me of the golden rule of parenting: never say never!

You can read a gazillion and one parenting books and nothing will prep you for the real thing. I thought I was gonna breastfeed for a year and then magically my baby would be over it and we’d move on eating all kinds of regular food and live life. Sike! {takes foot out of mouth} I gave that girl my BEST side eye for saying she breastfed “that long” and here I am with no willpower in making the kid stop. There’s no end in sight! Swore up down and around my child would NEVER embarrass me in public & at 15 months old I’ve already left him tantruming in the middle of the floor at Target (aka our second home) because what the heck does he know that young? Besides the fact that he wants a reaction? Nothing!

Since becoming a mom I try to be very very careful what I say about people’s parenting choices or their children’s behavior because truth is…. you never know! And if your boyfriend/husband/partner is like mine he’ll remind you of that time….. & you’ll be eating your words later LOL.

What are some things you said you’d NEVER do before you became a parent that you find yourself doing now?

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