Self Care & My Revelation After A Trip to the Hair Salon

Last week I went to the hair salon after work. Let me preface it by saying it was DESPERATELY needed. The natural hair struggle is real, and topped with NYC’s winter weather? My hair was feeling like STRAW. So I was definitely overdue for an appointment and I knew I needed to just go and get it done. I have scheduled hair appointments over and over again but then cancelled for one reason or another because truthfully, I feel like it takes too long and I would rather be home with my kids. But I’m trying to develop better habits this year so in my head I was all “TREAT YOURSELF TANAY! SELF CARE!”.


Because the reminder to take care of yourself, not even as a mother but just as a woman is in your face EVERYWHERE. But as I sat in the salon I didn’t feel like I was doing a good thing for me. I honestly only felt anxiety. I kept thinking about the million other things I could be doing with the hours of my time that I spent washing and steaming and trimming my hair. I wondered what my kids were doing. I wondered if my boyfriend was getting enough rest before he had to head to work. I just didn’t feel good!

The hair salon (though needed) is NOT self care for me. I like naps. I like to read. I enjoy going to the movies and eating is probably my favorite thing to do. I feel like all of these things I would’ve been much happier doing instead of sitting there. Now don’t get me wrong my hair looks and feels amazing! But I can’t let anyone else definite what self care should be for me.

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