New DUMBO Sneak Peek + Printables

Let’s get right to it friends, Dumbo is probably THE CUTEST movie that is coming out this year. And for this reason, it’s going to be the hardest for me to watch. I’m all for the live-action movie trend going on but look how freakin’ cute baby Dumbo is. The animated version of this movie is EMOTIONAL. So seeing Dumbo look SOO real, is hard. Check out the new sneak peek Disney shared with us a few days ago:

RJ loves animals so he’s excited to see this. Admittedly he hasn’t seen the animated version, so he has no idea what he’s for. When he watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time he cried when the village people were storming the castle. He gets that emotion from me. He gets attached to his characters.

Are your children excited for Dumbo? If they are (or even if they aren’t) here are some fun printables to get them ready for the movie!

Click the links below to download your activity sheets! Have fun!!

DUMBO flies into theaters on March 29, 2019.

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