8 Kids Apps We Use Instead of YouTube

I’m not even gonna get too deep into explanations because I’m sure youve already seen the articles all over Facebook about the MoMo Challenge and the video that was found by a pediatrician on Kids YouTube that instructs children how to commit suicide. As parents its our job to protect our children. Plain and simple. There a understandably moments where unplugging is difficult, so if you NEED it, here are some alternative apps you can use to keep the kiddies off YouTube.


We love Netflix kids programming. They have a range of movies, preschool programming, and loads of educational content. We love watching Disney movies (we’ll be sad when their gone) and one of our favorite Netflix original kids shows right now is Motown Magic.

PBS Kids

Daniel Tiger and SuperWhy are still favorites in this house. PBS Kids has a range of apps from your kids favorite shows. They have separate apps for games, videos and Scratch Jr., a coding app made specifically for kids.


Wonderscope is an amazing app. It brings the world of AR to life for kids with different stories. My boys are obsessed, because it’s basically storytelling 2.0. Seeing the characters “in our house” amazes them.


You guys already know we’re Disney to the core in here. DisneyNOW lets you create profiles for your children, so they can enjoy their favorite shows. It’s really helpful to have PuppyDog Pals and PJ Masks on the go with us for those moments we’re out of the house longer than expected. And signing into your cable provider while not required, gives them access to even more content!

Nick JR.

So I’m going to be honest and say since the boys watch so much Disney, I’m not TOO familiar with Nick Jr. or the app. I’d imagine it works the same way as the Disney Jr. app. I do know they have a Blaze and the Monster Machines game that RJ loves!

Letter Tracing/Letter Quiz

My preschooler loves both of these apps. They’re basically just letter tracing but since writing is something he’s learning in school, he loves to practice on the phone.


Listen!! I prefer this a hundred times over to the 10000000 blocks Im constantly tripping, slipping and falling over. It helps pass the time.

Right now these are the apps that I let RJ take up space on my phone with. He also has a kids Kindle which has FreeTime. It has TONS of apps made for kids and he doesn’t have access to the internet unless I allow it. I’m not saying I’ll never let them use YouTube again, especially as someone who has a YouTube platform that they appear on regularly. But I’m interested to see how YouTube handles this hysteria and the uploading of their content especially to their kids platform going forward.

What apps are your kids in love with? Do you let your kids use YouTube?

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