5 Tips for Stress Free Potty Training for Boys

I’m just going to admit it, whenever people ask me for potty training tips I struggle. More often than not I tell people I didn’t even potty train RJ, he basically did it himself. He was a very easy child on the potty front and it came to him quickly. He hated the feeling of wet underwear and within a course of 2/3 days he had very few accidents before he decided that the wet undie life was not for him. There are hundreds of resources out there that tell you how and when to potty train but mom to mom, my son was potty trained in 3 days, IF that. I felt absolutely no stress during the process and I was SO proud of how quick he got it. I’m just here to share with you guys what worked for me.

5 tips for Stress Free Potty Training for Boys.

  1. Wait for the dry wake ups – Consistently! I noticed for about a week that RJ was waking up dry. He had his own whole little bathroom routine down before he ever transitioned out of diapers. Learning his routine instead of trying to force him into the one that I wanted him to be on worked the best for both of us.
  2. Skip the pull ups – We went straight to underwear. To me pull ups and diaper feel the same, and I’m grown. I just couldn’t wrap my head around explaining the difference between them to a two year old. Underwear is a noticeable difference and a big step up. He understood the change right away.
  3. Prep for accidents. – Because theyre going to happen. How many and how frequent depend on how well your child is on schedule, but you might as well mentally prepare for them.
  4. Get hype! – We didn’t need candy bribes, sticker charts or anything other than the extreme verbal excitement of congratulations. RJ was happy to be a big boy, I was happy I didn’t have to change a toddler diaper & daddy was happyy to be saving a little bit of money.
  5. Remember every child is different – So even with me giving you these 5 stress free tips, our experiences may not be the same. Most of all everyones sanity and happiness is what is most important so do what works the best within your household.

That’s it. Potty training will really be as easy or as simple as you make it. Don’t let anyone rush your time. Trust yourself. You got this!

Have you potty trained your child yet? What worked for you? What didnt?


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