5 Habits All Moms Need to Take With Them Into 2020

Happy New Year! I almost can’t believe I’m sitting here with you guys in 2019! The year flew by and it was definitely, a year! Last year I made a whole list of goals, that I provably revisited once or twice when I wasn’t resharing it with you guys and that… kinda sucks. This year I am focusing on creating better habits, versus sticking to specific resolutions and I figured I’d share a couple of mine that are related to motherhood. Here are a couple things we need to remember to do for ourselves and our families this year.

Give yourself grace.

Everyday life is hard enough. You’re tired, you’re doing alone, you feel overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with any of that. Your children are happy, healthy and they love you. You’re doing an amazing job and you deserve some grace. No one is perfect, not in motherhood or anywhere else.

Unplug more often.

Because your children notice. This is something that I am guilty of and even my one year old gets annoyed when I have the screen constantly in my face. He’s even started snatching the phone from me and throwing it. Get in the habit of unplugging and being present and in the moment more often. I know we all want to capture and share the memories, but some things are worth missing a picture for.

Get up, get dressed, get out!

This isn’t only for stay at home moms, but I know it’s a lot harder to do when you stay/work at home. The days that I (don’t go to work) stay in PJs with little effort are actually some of my harder days. Something about getting dressed and just being my best self FOR myself makes me feel better. Your face doesn’t have to be beat FO THE GAWDS if you’re not going anywhere but you can definitely brush your hair sis.

Choose your battles.

It may sound crazy to some moms because I come from the “I’m the momma and you’re the child” era but I’m the first to admit, this new generation of kids is completely different than the one I was raised in. And one of the most important things motherhood has taught me, ESPECIALLY parenting two toddlers is to choose your battles. Practice patience and remember your kids are constantly learning. Practice less yelling, more teaching moments.

Take care of yourself.

You matter. You matter. HOW YOU FEEL MATTERS! I literally sat in church a few weeks ago and looked down and noticed that my shoe was separating from its sole. Your children are beautiful and amazing and they’re always a priority but you have to stop and take a moment for yourself. Everyday! You deserve that. Whether it’s a 5 minute moment to catch up on twitter and drink your coffee or a full day treating yourself you deserve that guilt free. Buy the new shoes. Get your hair done. Be the best YOU that you can so that you’re even more inspired to be the best mom you can!

2019 is going to be amazing mamas! Here’s to healthy habits, happy families, and full hearts! Can’t wait to connect with y’all this year! XOXO

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