Two New Films To Bring Your Childhood Memories To Life| Mary Poppins Returns & Christopher Robin Teaser Trailers

If Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wasn’t the first big word that you learned how to spell did you even HAVE a childhood??? The teaser trailer for the new movie Mary Poppins Returns was released during the Oscars on Sunday and my childhood desires to have a nanny all flooded back to me. I’m pretty sure my mom let me eat spoonfuls of sugar JUST because of this movie. I cant wait to see what magic Emily Blunt helps the practically-perfect nanny bring to life!

And if that wasn’t enough to give you ALL the childhood nostalgia feels then just yesterday the teaser trailer for Christopher Robin was released. Who can resist a Live-Action film featuring their favorite bear?? Would you guys judge me if I saw this movie for my 8 year anniversary with my boyfriend? I have to admit I’m excited for my kids to grow up and enjoy the classics but have a new take on the movies as well. Check out the teaser for Christopher Robin below. 

Christopher Robin arrives in theaters August 3rd 2018!

Mary Poppins Returns this Christmas 2018! 

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