Weaning Woes Pt. 1 I Just Want My Body Back

 Look at the chub! That's probably 90% mommy milk right there!  

Look at the chub! That’s probably 90% mommy milk right there!  

My baby is a big boy. That’s no secret. Everyone comments on how big he is and how tiny I am. I used to love seeing people’s surprised looks when they asked what formula he drank and I could tell them he was breastfed. Yup! That’s ALL ME! *hits dougie*

But …. my baby is a big boy! He’s going on 16 months old and this kid has no desire to give up his milk. Even with eating 3 times a day and snacking we still fight most days to avoid breastfeeding. 

I loved it in the beginning. It was a need no one else could fulfill for him. But he doesn’t necessarily NEED it anymore. I know there are benefits to extended breastfeeding but I’m OVER it. There are also way more benefits to sane mommas… and that matters more. I am at the point where I dread feeding. I literally feel like he’s draining me. He’s already 1/4 of my weight and I’ve got 25 years on him. 

I’m ready to have my body back to myself. And how come no one ever told me about the twiddling?!? Nonstop! He acts like if he doesn’t live with his hand down my shirt.. my boobs may run away and he won’t ever get the milk again. It’s tiring. 

 All day. 

All day. 

I’ve read a hundred million weaning techniques but none of them cut it. I feel like I’m going to have to just cut him off. 

 Seriously I'm not joking. 

Seriously I’m not joking. 

 Lmao his face!  

Lmao his face!  

And let’s not even talk about the toll it’s taking on my wardrobe! The neck of every shirt I own is probably stretched to capacity. He will FIGHT! To get those chubby little fingers in there.  

I love this kid and I love the breastfeeding relationship we’ve had thus far but I’m done. We need a break. I want to be touched a little bit less lol. I just want my body back.  

How long did you breastfeed? What method of weaning worked for you? Is anyone else a slave to their toddler?! LOL   

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