The Survival Guide to Holiday Travel with Kids

The holidays are a big travel time for us coming from a big family. We spend a lot of time on the road, and if we’re lucky this year we’ll spend just as much time in the air. My children are young and I know for a lot of people traveling with kids especially when they are young can feel overwhelming. This is why I developed a guide to make your holiday travel with kids a little less stressful. After all, we know that children are really the rulers of the road. Here is some advice for holiday travel with kids.

Take it Slow

There’s no way around it, traveling with kids is going to take longer. Gone are the days where you and your partner could just hop in the car and go. Make sure that long before the trip even happens, help them to understand that it’s going to take a long time to reach the vacation destination. This might even mean stopping at a hotel for the night instead of driving straight through. 

Take Breaks

You’re also going to have to stop a lot more for restroom breaks and a chance for your kiddos to stretch their legs. Even if you just stopped a half hour ago, you might have to stop again because of their little bladders. 

Roadtrip Break Circa 2017

Electronic Devices

Make sure you have plenty of electronic devices to keep them busy during the long travel time. Be sure to have them fully charged and usb chargers on hand so there’s no meltdowns when the device dies. 


Having headphones for your children will be a huge relief for the driver as well. Headphones work great on dual screen tv’s, and all their electronic devices that might be playing baby shark. 

Pack the Essentials

If you have babies, make sure you pack more diapers and wipes than you think necessary. Also packing aspirin, allergy medicine, kleenex, kids dramamine or any other essentials that will avoid any issues that cause them discomfort. 

Pack a First-Aid Kit

Have you ever been anywhere in public and your child got a small scrape and you didn’t have a bandaid on hand? The end of the world, if your child catches you without bandaids! Make sure you have a first-aid kit with all the necessities to avoid this. 

Pack Snacks

We are snackers. Make sure you have plenty of your children’s favorite snacks. Don’t go skimpy, this is their vacation too. Also bring juice boxes and bottled water to help the trip be remembered as an enjoyable one. 

Strategic Travel Time

If you can, try and travel during times where you will avoid big cities during rush hour traffic. Also leaving early in the morning or later at night is helpful as well. Children are more likely to sleep for a huge chunk of the trip this way, avoiding restlessness. 

Make Sure the Driver Gets a Good Nap

Before heading out on your road trip adventure this holiday season, consider having the driver take a good nap before hand. Not only will this help the driver be more alert on the highway, but also keep their nerves calm when Billy and Sally are swatting at each other in the backseat. The last thing you need is the driver to accidentally turn their head along with the wheel. 

Stay Positive

You have to remember that kids are kids, and hiccups on trips while traveling any time are bound to arise. Learn to take a deep breath and roll with the punches. If they sense that your staying calm and positive during this, chances are they will calm down much quicker.

There you have it! Like I said, holiday travel with kids does not have to feel overwhelming. The key is to stay positive and stay prepared. Interested in more travel tips? Check out my friends Clarissa over at Passports and Parenting for some amazing family travel advice! Does your family travel during the holidays?

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